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The Tau Project: 9 Days To Go

Ok so it's been a while since I last posted, but today I have news on the Project. Here is a picture of every thing that has been done so far, not exactly Golden Demon quality, but at least tabletop.

So here we are, the first half of the lost Tau fleet. They got caught in a freak warp storm and deposited many light years outside of Tau space.

Yes I do realise that the bases need to be white, and that's on my list of stuff to do on Sunday. The painting timeline looks like this...

Sun 19th: 2nd Fire Warrior Squad
Mon 20th: Devilfish
Tues-Fri: Stealth Suits
Sat 25th: Broadside

Wish me luck...

Also the astute of you my have noticed that is a Broadside in the to do pile and no Kroot, this is because this morning I was thinking of how to add a bit more punch to my list, without over running the point margin, so a Broadside in place of the Kroot, ok less shots, but more that will actually hurt some Raiders....
Will re post my final, complete and overall list on Sunday.

Well that's all for now, and I know that Blackmane has a bit of free time now, so expect more post from him soon.


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