New Day, No Dawn: Dark Eldar Part 2

Hi all
Today I bring my own army list. As I'm sure your aware the forces of The Greater Good are amassing and already have a company of warriors been assembled as we speak. So I think its about time I assembled my own warriors and get ready to embark upon a realspace raid.

Dark Eldar: No Dawn List

Archon (60pts) 170pts
Agoniser +20pts
Webway Portal +35pts
Shadow Field +30pts
Haywire Grenades +5pts
Ghostplate Armour +10pts
Combat Drugs +10pts

Lelith Hesperax 175pts

10 Kabalite Warriors (90pts) 135pts
Blaster +15pts
Splinter Cannon +10pts
Sybarite +10pts
Splinter Pistols and CCW Free
Power Weapon +10pts

Raider (60pts) 90pts
Flickerfield +10pts
Nights Shields +10pts
Splinter Rack +10pts

9 Kabalite Warriors (81pts) 96pts
Shredder +5pts
Sybarite +10pts
Splinter Pistol and CCW Free

Raider (60pts) 90pts
Disintegrator Cannon Free
Flickerfield +10pts
Night Shields +10pts
Splinter Rack +10pts

10 Wyches (100pts) 150pts
Hydra Gauntlets +10pts
Shardnet and Impaler +10pts
Hekatrix +10pts
Agoniser +20pts

5 Hellions (80pts) 95pts
Helliarch +10pts
Stunclaw +5pts

So there we are my Dark Eldar list. Will it be any good? Who knows. Only the christmas battle will tell. In the mean time I will endevour to keep updating the progress as the various factions are brought together for my first realspace raid on the lesser races.

Thanks for reading and as always comments are most welcome.


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