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Well hello all,
its been a while since myself or Blackmane has updated the blog, so I thought today I'd give a quick update to what we've been doing over the last few weeks, to try and get some momentum back into the posting.

Firstly, congrats to Blackmane on winning the Griffon challenge, which is thoroughly deserved. The photos of the model really don't do it justice, its even more amazing in the flesh!

The last couple of weeks myself and Blackmane have been exceptionally busy, as I know he's been working lots before he goes back to university in a week or two, similarly I've been working lots too, up until last week and I am now half week through a two week holiday! During this time I've got my Clanrats 95% finished, and fully assembled my warp lightning cannon ready to be painted, there will be some pictures by the end of this week, I didn't bring my camera with me so I'll have to wait 'til I can get it.

So, with me being on holiday and staying at my mums house, myself and Blackmane have actually had a couple of games of Warhammer, this is the first proper time we've played each other. The first 1000pt game I won, through the power of my Warp Lightning Cannon, taking out two of his units, and causing another to run away. The second game we increased to 1300, which is all I had with me, without assembling another squad of box of Stormvermin before hand. This didnt go so well for me, as I forgot the important lesson about keeping MY units away from the Doomwheel, 3 S8 hits, which turns into D6 wounds, wiped my Rat Ogres out in my first turn. The Doomwheel was subsequently taken out the next turn by Blackmanes cannon :( My Warp Lightning Cannon featured much the same fate, no living past Blackmane second turn. My Clanrats fled off the table and Queek and his Stormvermin bodyguard too a pounding for the next 2 turns. My warlock engineer was cannoned and my Warp Fire Thrower was taken out by his Quarrellers. By turn 5 I had Queek left. So I charged him into combat with the Quarrellers and took out their champion, because Queek has to issue a challenge when in CC, and won the combat resolution, causing them to flee off the table. (Whether it's supposed to work that way, we don't know.)  I then charged him into the Bolt Thrower and spent the last two turns hacking at that. We'll, hopefully, be having a few more games this week and I can rethink my tactics.

Blackmane has been working on his webway portals/ arcane fulcrums and got the portals base coated in Vajello, which to his surprise took less than 1 tube (he bought 4).

Also this last couple of weeks, I was gifted with some ones old bitz box. The contents is staggering! Including:
Unpainted Last Chancers, complete -Ox's gun
Avatar of Khaine
32 Eldar Guardians
A Farseer
5 Old style Rangers
Various IG minins
A Tau Broadside
Abbadon The Despoiler
Old Style Metal Chaos Raptors, the ones with the bat wing jump packs
Noise marines
Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos Marines

The list just goes on. Not all the models are complete, Abbadon for example is missing his arms ( I smell a loyalist conversion)

And lastly I've been trawling ebay for gubbins, and I've had quite a good haul. Old SM Captain. 36" of Greenstuff, for a little more than the GW packs. 5 Scouts ( I dont like scouts really, but they'll add a dynamic to my Ultras). Empire Flagellants blister and a brilliant 'Rotten Bog' basing kit for my Skaven
If you're in the UK and fancy taking look, I'll put the links below:

Rotten Bog Kit

Kneadatite/ Green Stuff

Well that's all for now, pictures soon I promise.


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