Dreadnought Restoration Part 1 WIP

Hi all

Today I bring a small WIP post on my original dreadnought (pictured below). It was one of the first models I got for my space wolves and has served well many times.However after almost 8 years (I think it will be about that) my dreadnought is starting to look a bit worse for wear. The banner pole is hanging on by a thread. The paint job is poor due to many repaints and touch ups. So i decided it was time to give my dreadnought a bit of TLC and seen as I'm working on a venerable dreadnought too its the prefect time to restore it to its former glory.

The picture below is pretty much how it was before I started to work on it. An exception is the banner pole which in this picture is not broken.

I managed to take a fair bit of the paint off the dreadnought so that I wouldn't be adding yet more layers of paint to something already many layers thick. I also removed the greenstuff covering the front of the sarcophagus and renewed it. The reason I did this was you could see fingerprints in it and that's not acceptable by my standards now. I also removed the other details I had stuck to the front of the dreadnought. In place of the sword I've sculpted a rune. The front will have the wolf skull emblem placed back on it and I will be adding a few other details before I get around to undercoating it.

So there we go, the fist steps in my first dreadnought been returned to its former glory so that it may once again kill the enemies of the emperor on the tabletop.

Well that's it for today (well actually there may be more later). As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments, be they good or bad or somewhere in between.


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