Dreadnought Restoration Part 1.5 WIP

Hi all

Earlier on today I posted the beginning of the restoration work I'm doing on my first dreadnought (here's the link if you didn't see it http://signoftheaquila.blogspot.com/2012/01/dreadnought-restoration-part-1-wip.html). And now at the end of the day I have a small update as to the progress.

First up a slight modification to the front plate. I decided to add the raised piece around the vision slit back on. In the previous version I just greenstuffed over it and left it at that. This time round I decided I wanted to add that little bit more detail to an otherwise flat surface.

Some runes I've sculpted to go on the legs.

My own sculpted Logan Grimnar symbol. Its the first time I've tried doing anything like this and I think it's turned out ok. Whether it will stay or not is to be decided. I may try it a second time and see what happens.

Well that's it for today (it really is, 3 posts in a day is enough). As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments, be they good or bad or somewhere in between.


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