The Best 40K Building Kit I've Found So Far

Hi all,
righty so a couple of weeks ago I found this "Scorched Ruin" scenery kit on ebay and though for the price, approx £2.50 per kit ($3.94) including postage from Russia! Anyway I decided it was worth a gamble and bought 5 kits thinking that £12.50 for 5 building was a decent enough deal.
Two weeks go past and my items arrived yesterday, what I didn't realise is that its a reusable plastic kit! No glue required, you get 3 types of connectors T shapes, X shapes, L shapes and flat 1:1 connectors, you build your buildings and use them in play and then you can break them down and build a totally different set of buildings! It will make gaming a lot more interesting with a totally changeable city-scape at your disposal!

The pic above shows what one sprue looks like, it comes complete with 2 floor sections, 8 varying wall pieces and enough connectors to keep you happy. Which I though was good on it's own, but it get better, because of the design system of clips, you can combine kits to make bigger buildings!

The above pictures are of what a combination of two kits can look like. There's enough pieces to make a decent fronted building with smaller ruins on the back for a bit of depth.

Then using the same kit, I broke it down and rebuilt it into a taller apartment block type building, again with smaller pieces at the back for a bit of depth.

This picture is just for scale reference really and it's about right. Should have used a normal tac marine for this probably, however my usually readily available sprawling collection has been tidied away for a couple of day, so he had to do.

There are only two downsides to these kits, firstly the walls are incredibly thin, not in a material way, as they are fairly sturdy plastic and it would take a fair bit to snap them, but in scale comparison. I'm sure a Grot could punch his way though if he wanted to, never mind a boltgun! The second downside is that these are no longer available from the seller on ebay, otherwise I'd have posted a link and urged you to buy as many as you could afford! Aside from those little foibles I'm amazingly pleased with these buildings. They're cheap, reusable, fit in the style well and are about the right scale, maybe add a couple of aquila's here and there.
5* simple

With all this being said, has anyone else found these? Does anybody else know where to get them? I really want more. Thanks for reading and as always any comments are welcome!


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