V For Victory!: The Vostroyan Option

Hi all,
well today I bring the start of my new slow burner project (as if I don't have enough already!). With all the recent chatter about allies being reintroduced into the 6th Ed rules, I though I might as well try and get a jump start on adding another ally option to my armies. The current rumours have the Tau being protected by the Space Marines, which for me is great! Ultras and Tau in perfect harmony! However I fancied adding something different, just for a bit of variation model wise and tactically too!

I've always liked the Vostroyan models and have been debating for ages whether to start an army based on them and with the allies rumours, I just couldn't help myself! For my first purchase I bought the Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment box and have assembled them and based them as seen above and below, not much to it really!

They were based with a mix of fine sand and small slate, just to give a bit of variation in texture on the base, also the keen eyed of you may have noticed that there appears to be some large green stuff blobs on the heavy weapons team base, well, they are supposed to be sand bags, though not perhaps instantly recognisable as such. They theory was that 'stationary' teams would be in cover, so I figured a few sand bags would be cheap, easy and ideal. That and their hats are rather big targets compared to normal IG helmets!. Not bad for a first attempt I must admit. The box comes with enough bits to make 1 Heavy Weapons Team with Heavy Bolter, Sergeant, Flamer and 6 normal troopers.

The only thing about this project is the lack of availability on models, so conversions are going to be fairly extensive if I don't want to avoid too many model repetitions! This is perhaps the only model set where I'd be happy if they got turned to Finecast! But that's probably a long way off yet! Anyway, next thing to buy is the IG codex. Must crack on with some painting too....

Well that's all for today, as always feel free to leave c&c's whether they be good bad or somewhere inbetween!


P.S. Blackmane despises these models, so I'm not expecting any help with this project!

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