Pirate Rich's Retro Ork Army

Hi all, today I bring a bit of a different post. I play a game today with my mate Pirate Rich, who I've never played before, mainly because his stuff was living in Shropshire, but he brought it up not so long ago. I knew it was Orks and i also knew he hadn't played in a while.

 But wow, they're so retro. I love the bright colours!. First up are his Gretchin he got all 3 squads off ebay for £5. Nicely colour coordinated into the different squads (apolagiese for the shoddy pics, I was trying to take pics as he was deploying haha)

Next up we have his boyz.

 A Trukk for transport

 Lastly we have his Battlewagon, kit bashed from a Land Raider, a Basilisk and and old style Rhino and another unknown piece for where the drivers sit

Absolutely love this model, so simple, 90's and orky haha. It just wowed me! Anyway not really a post, but since I think he's going to be my main competition from now on I thought Id report back for the universe to see. Also, I missed snapping his zzap cannon and his warboss. I'll get them at a later date.

That's all for now, they just tickled my fancy!

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