Building Mordheim - Buildings WIP

Hey all,
today I bring another WIP update (seems like I have a lot of projects at the minuet!). Yesterday I started building scenery for my Mordheim board. I found some amazing examples on the interwebs, thoug I dont think mine will be quite that good! I'm going for the rough and haggard approach. It is the city of the damned and even before the meteor struck, I would have thought that maintenance wouldn't have been a super high priority in a medieval type fantasy town. So here are some pics!

 Basically the building is just a cardboard box, its one of the ones that various bits arrived in from GW, anyway, it was about the right size so I used it! I cut the box to housey shape removing extra flaps and cut it into 3, then basingit  on some thinner card. All three section still fit together, so I can combine any of the pieces together to make a couple of different buildings if I want.

 Next came the framing. Most building have that medieval/tudor look to them and living in York like I do (basically for people who don't know lol, York grew up in and around a castle, the city centre is contained mostly within the castle walls and so has examples of architecture from the 16/1700's to modern day) I had a brief wander. Like I said earlier, it wont be perfect, I am trying to do this on a budget with limit tools, so the rough and ready approach is what im going for.

The building will get a roofing structure and I will detail the inside, a second fllor is going in as well as maybe a fire, windows, general muck and grime that sort of thing. The outside wil be painted with a textured paint, probably in grey. Thinking it might be a magic shop or an inn, we'll see what takes my fancy. The cladding is (if you cant guess) entirely made out of lolly pop sticks, chopped and slightly carved to be given a worn look. and will be finished in brown for...well...wood. Will crack on with this later and post updates as I get something done!


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