On The Wyrdstone Road: Mordheim

Hi all, well it has been a very long time since I posted anything really on here as I've just not found the time, or done anything which I note as being rather spectacular, but today I bring you a post about my friend and I's venture into Mordheim.

We were having our usual D&D night round at his and he was looking through his old stuff and pulled out two Mordheim rule books (one had been 'acquired' many years ago by accident from a friend). Now, having been in the hobby over 11 years (could I dare call myself a veteran now?) I joined at the time when it was still being promoted by GW very heavily, however at the time my main focus was Lord of the Rings and I had partially branched out into 40k, but the fantasy line hadn't quite taken me in yet but I'd always like the sound of it!

We had a read through the books and chatted and agreed, why not? It sounded cool, lots of options and an interesting rule set. So I borrowed a book had a read through and decided what warband I'd like. My natural impulse was Skaven, as I've already got loads of suitable models, (60+ clanrats now i think?) and I do intend to make a full Skaven warband. But at the minuet, I wanted to try something new, something different. Now for me as a limited Fantasy player, any other army is a new start as I've always stuck with my Skaven. However I thought this time I would go with an Empire warband! In the basic book there are three represented, Reikland, Middenheim and Marienburg. I settled on Marienburg as they gain an extra 100gc (gold coins) when building a warband, they also get +1 when searching for rare items. However, instead of the traditional bright colours:

I envisioned something like this:

Seeing as Mordheim is the city of the damned, it is a hellish place to go, I thought the grizzled warbands would change their schemes to darker colours, to me it just seems natural, kinda like camouflage but not.... The above picture is a test model for a Nuln border regiment, which in turn I believe was an idea on the GW website some while a go. My idea is similar to this, but the armour will be coppery/bronze with verdigris and they will be all together more weather beaten!Strangely enough, I hadn't even seen this picture before writing this post!

Whilst looking for models on eBay I found these:

15 Empire troopers and 3 mounted knights and extra bits, I got them for £7.25 inc postage. Great I thought! Having got them, like most things on eBay, they're going to need a bit of work kind of like a certain Leman Russ I bought (but that's another story!). Plastic glue is a pain, great for permanently fixing bits, bad for their second owners! Anyway, they're still in a WIP state and with the ever changing nature Mordheim the models will keep changing too!

The above pic is was one of the Youngbloods in my warband, his name is Alvarus Stormwind. He was eqiuipped with just two swords (I'd modeled him with light armour, two swords and a sheild, before I had been routed in the first stand alone game and realised armour saves aren't really that important yet, there is always seems to be some weapon or rule that nulifies them!) Then he didnt't survive the second game, which was the start of the campaign! Though something tells me his brother may take up his mantle and memory.....

My war band "The Grit" currently stands at;

Captain Tyco Trembellain w/ Halberd
Champion Marcus Ptolemy w/ Axe and Dagger
Youngblood Alvarus Stormwind w/ Sword x2  Deceased
Youngblood Erich Von Brozecliffe w/ Double Handed Weapon, Helmet 

Warriors The Fickle Five (5) w/ Swords x2
Swordsmen The Clean Blades (3) w Two handed sword

This is going to be a fun and interesting adventure I think, the different scenarios and the experience upgrades, buying new weapons, members etc etc adding the whole rpg element to it, a really cool game idea I think and can't wait to play more! Just a shame GW decided to stop stocking models for it a few months ago... 

Hope that wasn't too boring or a rabble of ideas too much. Will keep things updated, got the next scenario in the campaign at the weekend and will post results of that then! As always if you have any comments or feeling about my post feel free to leave a comment below :) Oh and if you fancy checking out Mordheim, you can either go to www.games-workshop.com and check out their (all be it limited) resources or go to www.mordheimer.com where they have loads and loads of articles and generally awesome stuff! Campaigns in Lustria even! Shame its not been updated in 7 years or so :(


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