To Infinity And Beyond!

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Zebulon here (after a hiatus) bringing news of Infinity! For those of you who don't know, Infinity is a 28mm skirmish game designed by Corvus Belli. There is a rather good article here on BOLS that explains the game rather well, so I will let that do the talking if you want to follow the link.

Though the blog hasn't been busy as of late I have been working on numerous things, playing games and of course pouring over every rumour about 7th edition 40k. But recently I picked up Infinity. I had heard great things about the game previously, Blackmane had mentioned them too me to, but I hadn't really liked the design style, I do like my grim dark..... anyway....

A few weeks ago I, just on the off chance, decided to have another look at the Infinity website saw these:


which peaked my interest! I didnt know enough about the game before, so seeing these Remotes was a revelation and they instantly reminded me of:

I do love a bit of Ghost in the Shell and how can anyone not like a Tatchikoma? :D (Apparently, and I cant remember where I saw this, GitS was a big inspiration for the game).

I looked through all the factions and narrowed it down to Nomads as the army I'd play if I picked it up. I also discovered that all the rules, army builders and army lists for all factions are freely available to download on the Infinity website, which sealed the deal really. 

A small skirmish game, with free rules and army lists? I'm in!

So I did the sensible thing and looked through the info on the Infinity site and picked up the Nomad Starter Pack. This is where it kind of turns into a review of sorts:

You get 6 models in this pack and its roughly 125pts (150pts is a short game, 300 is a longer tournament style game), so basically its a game in a box! You get 3 Alguacil w/ Combi rifle, a Zero w/ Combi rifle, a Mobile Brigada w/ Multi rifle and a Securitate w/ Combi Rifle and Light Shotgun. 

Very nice simple design packaging with something cool I didn't realise until a couple of days ago!

On the little flaps there are printed counters to add to your collection, you can download the markers from the Infinity site, but having them free printed on the little tabs I thought was a really nice touch! Well done Corvus Belli, well done!

Inside, there is a nice sturdy box with 2 very dense bits of packing foam to keep the minis safe, this impressed me immensely, as my experience with GW was a small bit of foam in blister packs and the plastic trays in metal box sets. I will be using this as temporary storage for them after they are assembled and painted! 

The minis themselves are great, the design style has grown on me immensely as I do love my anime! Great castings, very little flash/ runners. They will be a dream to clean up!

So far in my Infinity experience, I'm giving it 10/10.
  • Free rules and army lists
  • Interesting design
  • Great mini's and packaging.
I have also go my housemate into Infinity, he too was looking for a small skirmish game. He's chosen Haaqislam and he in turn has told his brother who's going to pick up Ariadna!

Well thats all for now! Time to go build scenery.....lots and lots of scenery (thats going to be another post)

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