From Infinity Circuit: Army Issue Spray Paint - Nomads Starter Box WIP

Hey all,
today I've finally got round to cleaning up and at least undercoating my starter box. The mini's had a small amount of flash on them and it took about 15min to do the whole squad, assemble and glue.

Having now fully built them there are two things I like about this squad very much. Firstly the Zero (the ninja looking one at the front) he has a great pose and is undoubtedly my favourite in the box and secondly, the fact there are women in the box. 40K is very very male orientated and the inclusion of female minis is something I think is great.

To undercoat the models, I was going to do them in standard black spray, but whilst I was shopping around town I found the Army Issue spray paint for £2.50 in Boyes (people who have read my other blog will know I'm a large proponent of Boyes). £2.50?! ($4.21) seemed almost too good to be true, a cheap can of proper modelling spray? They do a range of colours mainly camo sprays, such as Nato Green, Mud Brown, Green-Grey etc etc. On the side of the tin it also lists what other numbered cans you would need for different camo patterns .

So like always after a good shake (or in the case it recommends a whisking sort of motion) I sprayed the Nomads with them. Thin coats work best for this and the drying time seems rather rapid. It smells quite badly however and has a 'heavier' odor compared to either GW or Humbrol sprays.

The spray seems to coat in a very even consistency and hasn't gummed up any of the details so far, thin coats is definitely the way forward. So far I'm very very pleased with this spray, a nice cheap and decent alternative! 

9/10.  I'm minusing 1 star for the heavy smell.

Well whilst they are drying, I can plan some more scenery! Well thats all for now, if you have any comments, whether they be good bad or in between please feel free to leave them below!

Also myself and my housemate Bebop are currently building another blog here at as a dedicated Infinity blog, so please check it out and let us know what you think. It is a little sparse at the minuet, so please bare with us!


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