Building Mordheim : Lazer Cut Clocktower

Hey all,
so before the madness of Xmas I was planning on building some proper scenery for Mordheim. I've posted on this before here and here but felt that particular project was pretty awful in hindsight (it's been a while since we've played Mordheim and the WIP scenery just seemed to look dire). The new plan is to build more, but out of better materials then cardboard!

As I was looking on eBay for items I stumbled across as lazer cut clock tower from TT Combat that I thought would look very tasty as a piece in Mordheim. I was going to turn it into a crazy Skaven clocktower, but it is unfortunately smaller than I envisioned, anyway it's still a very nice piece!

It came in a pre-cut A4 sized piece of MDF and it was an absolute dream to put together, Very small attatchers to the frame but a sharp scalpel and it comes of with virtually no clean up needed. By looking at a picture assembly takes about 5 mins, each piece fits with millimetre precision, there was only one difficulty in piecing together and that was placing the actually clock room onto the pillar, the cutting is so accurate that it needs to go on virtually straight up, theres no room to put one side on then the next, the whole room need to sit on the base at the same time (apolagiese for no pics).

Everything else went together very quickly, no fuss. As you can see the roof and both clock faces come out, so you can position a character in the tower and have them sniping or whatever. As a funky piece of scenery I'd give this 10/10 best of all it only cost £3.95.

I've also bought another piece of scenery from The Troll Trader, some very nice gallows! 

Well thats all for now, sorry if this seems a bit rushed I've had a long day haha. Please feel free to leave comments below if you like what you've seen, whether it be good bad or inbetween!


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