Zebulon's New Mordheim Skaven Warband Pt.1 : Rat Ogre

Hey all, 

today I bring a quick update on my Mordheim project playing admirably my Middenheim border patrol warband were annihilated by the Undead in my last game and so I have decided to retire them from active service and competition. This has allowed me to try and do a Skaven warband instead! Those who have seen the blog beofre will know I am partial to Skaven and this seemed like something I's like to try! 
So the first thing I was excited by in the Skaven options was the Rat Orgre, having bought two for my Skaven army a couple of years ago I have today dusted one off and finally finished! ( According to Blackmane I base coated and washed them on Jan 7th 2013, so 2 years later and one's finally done!)

The hardest thing I had to do on this was the skin, I'm not good at it and probably 2/3 of the model is! I had great fun using the GW technical paints on this, BFTBG was stippled onto the cuts, Nihilak Oxide on the bronze armour plate and after this pic was taken, I decided to try Agrellan Earth on the base as its something ive never tried before. 

Im actually quite chuffed with this model, it a nice start to my warband. Tomorrow I'm going to have a blast at the rest of my warband!

Well thats all for today, as always f you have and comments whether they be good bad or inin between please feel free to leave them below!


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