A Painting Chain

Hey all, just a little post today on something I'm trying, which I find really useful at the minuet. I'm doing a painting chain. The idea is that you do a little of something that you're working on every day, doesn't matter how big or small, just so long as you do something.

I got into the habit of not painting for weeks on end, sighting that I was too busy. That isn't in fact wholly true, as I'm sure anyone who reads this will agree, life outside of the hobby world demands a lot of our attention, as this is, indeed, a hobby, part of our greater life that we enjoy to the fullest. I felt that I needed to try and flex in some hobby time, or at least be able to do it on a more consistant basis.

This is where "The Chain" comes in. I got this idea from my housemate, who was having the same problem with his drawings and he got this idea from Jerry Seinfeld. He would work on a little joke or something everyday trying not to break his chain. It's worked wonders for my housemate and now its making me more productive too.

I got a few ogres in a job lot and there was a nicely characterful ogre in that bunch which I thought would be a good starter for my chain. He was just white and brown when I got him (as you can probably still see from the Gnoblar in the crow's nest) and after just doing a little bit a day, he's coming on very nicely! Plus doing this has helped me tackle my flesh problems and so far they've come out quite well! I didnt matter if I just gave it a wash, did some highlights or just base coated an area. As long as I did something not to break the chain!

He's not for a new army or anything like that, but he and his kin could be use in Mordheim as various Orge mercenaries. The chain though is really helping me, it gives me that little bit of hobby time, its gives me a rewarding feeling that something is looking really good and also it's helping me with techniques, mixtures and applications all in 5-30mins a day. If you don't do this and felt the way I did, I would definitely say give it a go. Even if its you just leave one brush and colour of paint out it's something and can really help with you productivity. Give it a go!


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