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Warmachine Initial Impression

Well as you can probably tell from the title, this is a Warmachine post. I'd never played Warmachine before a couple of weeks ago. The style of the models had put me off picking up the game for ages, but a couple of friends had invited me down to their games night for an intro game and I thought why not...

Needless to say I really liked the game! I think the rules system is very well balanced and thought out. It was hard for me to get out of the 40k, Fantasy was of doing things, i.e all move, all shooting, all combat etc etc. But I really think the individual models activation works very well. Whilst it was just a basic game (Khador vs Menoth, I was Khador) it was a lot to take in. A particular feature I liked was the range for combat weapons, so even if you're not in base to base contact with them, larger, long handled, weapons can still strike you.

There was a host of little tweaks and ways of working thing out that really appealed to me, also the fact you should never need more than 5 dice! So having enjoyed my first game, I downloaded the quickstart rules and will pick up the proper book when I paid. The fact that you get stat cards with the miniatures is a nice touch instead of flicking through a heavy book its just some quick reference cards! 

Speaking of which, I was told about the War Room app for Warmachine and Hordes and so far its been invaluable, ok, so you have to buy the faction cards extra, but I didn't mind that. Its great because not only can you see all the stats for the units in your faction but you can organise army lists and use it ingame to track HP and damage to Warjacks etc etc... its been really handy so far!

So who do I go for? Well...... 

I liked the idea of a nice undead army and did a bit of research. Whilst they don't seem to be the most outright powerful faction, they are what I'd call a booster army, in they boost your stats and decrease your opponents. 

With such a variety of builds I've settled for an Undead Pirate themed army, I've gone for a 25pt Shoreleave Tier 1 army and I'm slowly putting together the models for what I've chosen,

While it may not seem the most balanced, its only a tester to which I'll then add some Revenant Cannon Crews, Blackbanes Ghost Raiders, the Blood Gorgors and I'll spice up my Bonejack/ Helljack choice too.

This is my first piece, needs some more shadowing and highlights and also probably less of the verdigris and also some brighter highlight on the greens to make them 'pop'. Also need to settle on a basing theme too....

So thats were I stand at the minuet! Looking forward to see where this takes me!



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