Random Project: Ogre Pit Fighter

So today I found myself doing another link in my chain and after corroding the gut armour, I found myself messing with the arm options for another Ogre I got in the same job lot. I originally was going to just try and give him a mongolian style hat, but he slowly developed into something else.....

I was checking the GW website for pics of what these were armed with and I was shown the Maneaters, the ones that had travelled around a lot and had picked up different traits, so theres a Pirate, and Empire Ogre an a Ninja to name a few. This sort of prompted me to make it a character piece rather than just a hat and weapon swap.

I first started with the weapon swap, the hand was something I couldn't resist, the others in the set seen a little OTT to me, but this one look severely brutal enough so on it went. Next was the armour plates, there was just 2 on the upper arm originally, I then  added the elbow plate and then I filled in the gaps with small amounts of green stuff and indented then into a chainmail pattern. 

The mohawk was totally accidental! I had a small leftover piece from the elbow armour and it was almost a perfect Elvis/ Greaser quiff or Leningrad Cowboys if you prefer:

He actually look pretty cool with it but I couldn't justify seeing something that weird in the fantasy setting, so off the front cam and I tweaked it with a sculpting too and a scalpel. I'm really thrilled how it looks and the texture to it to, but I know that when it gets paint on it a lot of the detail will vanish, but still it look awesome. I then applied the braces, cos well.... braces...

I had a large rectangular strip of green stuff left and though about adding another layer to his arm which worked well and it reminded me of the Roman gladiators, so I twisted the edge up to give an armoured lip. Theres a little battle damage on into to it, but nothing too extreme.

The most time consuming thing on him was the other fist. I wasn't sure what to give him, I just didn't want the swords that cam in the job lot. I trimmed down one of the swords, just to leave a hand, thinking I'd drill it and make a stave or a long handled weapon. But I found another fist in the lot and decided to carve out the inside to make it fit. It was very fiddle and very time consuming, but very worth it also! Lastly I added a couple of accessory bitz just to flesh it out on the back a little.

So here he is so far, once the green stuff has cured, I think im going to add a couple more bits, probably detail, straps for plates maybe and more chainmail. I've stopped for now as I'm getting careless where I'm holding it and squashing the green stuff.

Anyway, as always, if you have any thought or comments, be they good bad or in between, please feel free to leave them below.


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