Iron Hands Captain Aethon

Hey all, today I return with my finished Iron Hands version of Captain Aethon, I'm going to rename him but I'm not sure what yet haha

So this is how I last posted him, he had had his colours blocked out and the metallics done. I picked home up again the other day and decided to finish home off before starting with my Tactical Marines and voila!

I really like painting him, I got to use my new Vallejo paints on his cloak, which think has come out really well with minimal effort on the shading. The hardest part of home was his metal embellishments. I had originally done them as a mix of bronze and silvers as on the Forge World website it's how's the mk.iii iron hand squad sergeant with bronze on him to, I assume, denote rank. The problem with this, was because I had quite a dull silver and done chevrons on his chainfist,  he looked very...... Iron Warrior like. Heresy!

To correct this I dry brushed over the bronze with silver to take away the bronze edge to them, leaving him looking that the above picture! Not bad I think! He's all done and ready to lead my Iron Hands company into war!

Well that's all for now,  feel free to leave a comment below whether that be good bad or inbetween!


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