The Smaller Shadow in the Flame

Hi all.

Today I bring a model that I've done for my Moria goblin army.  In this case it's a Dweller in the Dark. For those not in the know a Dweller is essentially a mini Balrog. It' not as strong or tough as the trolls available to a moria goblin army but it is capable of moving a lot faster and will hit well enough to cause trouble. I kind of see it as a unit to move quickly down a flank, hit relatively hard and survive long enough to draw enemy models to it. I could see myself getting one or two more to go with this one.

So lets get on with some pictures.

 More after the jump.

It took me about 3 1/2 hours to paint. I'd already undercoated it awhile ago but as with many things it got put aside. So I got it out along with the hero's I've been working on (see my posts on Frodo, Gamling and Hama) and set to it. The only thing I forgot to do was the edge of the base. I'll go back and do that when I get chance. This also served as good practice for painting my Balrog. Yet another model I have, painted, decided I needed to redo it after a few years, stripped it and then put it aside. Still I would now feel more confident about tackling it after this smaller run through.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for having a look.


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