Zebulon's Blood Bowl Trophy

Hi all Zebulon here again with another post for my foray into Blood Bowl, this time a small tangent away from teams. My local gaming group have organised a small tournament/season. 

For the winner we decided to create a trophy!

As you can see from the pics, it started out as a rugby trophy. I simply added a crap ton of skulls, because you can never have enough! The larger ones were from some cheap Halloween decorations I bought after it had been, 50p for 4 plastic chain links with skulls is never a bad bargain, and the smaller ones are various style ones I had purchased online. There's 42 on it all together. The spikes aren't quite as sharp as I would have liked but now its all painted they look ok! 

The final product, bottom right, I'm very proud of. Ive not had to try and do anything like this before and it was a fun side project. 

Now it just needs to go to the winner!

Well that's it for now, please feel free to leave comments below, whether they be good bad or inbetween! 


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