Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur WIP

Hey all.l,

I'm back today with the first WIP for my Carnalites. As somewhat of a tester for the team I picked the Minotaur as he has both armour and skin/fur that can be translated across the team.

After being sprayed white he was washed all over with carroburg crimson and allowed to dry. For the fur it was dry brushed with changeling pink then a 50/50 changeling pink and ceramite white, followed by dry brush of pure ceramite white.

The skin was a 75/25 mix of pallid wych flesh and emperor's children and then a layer of ceramite white. The leather straps, horns and hooves are rhinos hide. The lion cloth and black armour is Vallejo game color black, for a shiny appearance  (before any highlights) and the pink armour is so far screamer pink.  It's going to be a lot brighter pink wise and will be pink horror with emperor's children highlight and changeling pink on the sharpest edges. 

Well that's it for now, so feel free to leave a comment below whether they be good, bad or in between.


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