Lord of the Rings Pictures 2

Hi all

For my post today I bring a couple of picture's of another of my latest LotR models. To see the previous pictures go here http://signoftheaquila.blogspot.com/2011/02/lord-of-rings-pictures-1.html

Anyway on with the pictures.

This is Cirdan. I got him in the White Council box (No longer available in the box but can be bought separately). He took me even less time to paint than Erestor but I think he is just as good. I am especially happy witht he way his skin came out as I think it really does give hime the look of been very old (which by the time of the LotR movies set during the third age, he was very old). 

Well thats all for now. Thankyou fro reading and have a good day.


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