Dwarf Army Project Log: 1000pt List

Hi all. 

Today I start my own army log for my Dwarven army. While technically I started it at the beginning of 7th edition (never played a game), it never really took off so I'm relaunching it for 8th edition. So the only two units I have will get a nice paint done properly and I'll be adding some new stuff in order to take on the devious Skaven under the even more devious Warlord Zebulon.

To that end I'm kicking off my army log with the army list as it currently stands. There may be some sligh tweeks in the future. However all my dwarves are back home and so I'm behind Zebulon as it stands.

So here's my 1000 point list:

Thane (65pts) 142pts
Master Rune of Spite +45pts
Rune of Stone +5pts
Rune of Striking +10pts
Grudge Rune +15pts
Shield +2pts

20 Dwarf Warriors (160pts) 205pts
Shields +20pts
Full Command +25pts

20 Dwarf Warriors (160pts) 205pts
Shields +20pts
Full COmmand +25pts

16 Quarrellers (176pts) 201pts
Full Command +25pts

10 Thunderers 140pts

1 Cannon (90pts) 100pts
Rune of Reloading +10pts

Sp thats my army list as it stands for the game of warhammer myself and Zebulon have planned for a couple of months time. I'm quite happy with the list as it stands. I have a reliable warmachine that can fire even if it rolls on the misfire table and dones't blow up. I have plenty of shots from the thunderers and quarrellers and some good strong core units for he enevitable hand to hand combat. However I'm still considering a few changes to either allow me to add an organ gun or my cheaper bolt thrower. I'm hoping the Dwarfs natural resistance to magic will keep me relatively safe from anything the Warlock Engineer may have up his sleave. If I had the points I would include a runesmith to make sure but I don't unfortunately.

Well thats all for now. Hopefully I'll get my Dwarfs soon and the actual building and painting can begin. Thanks for readings and as always comments are most welcome.


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