Time Off Well Spent: Ultramarine Additions

Hi all,
it's been quite a while since I updated you with anything, the last was my Hammerhead tanks which are still underway, just detailing and lenses to do on those. As usual I've been perusing Ebay for bargains and bit and I definitely found one!

A very nice Forge World Venerable Dreadnought, for £20. Mostly black when I bought it, gold areas mostly painted and so was the plasma cannon. A couple of hours to do the armour and a bit less to do the metal parts and arms and Bobs your Uncle, a nice Ultramarine dreadnought. Still not totally finished, as I type this I have just received my first set of the new GW paints, glazes and washes, mainly blues (oddly enough) and will give them a go on this fella.

Then on Saturday, Blackmane contacted me about a blog that was selling off some of its models as they are moving, namely http://piratevikingpainting.blogspot.co.uk/ (they have some amazing deals going, and it would definitely be worth your time checking them out!)  Blackmane had already got the Iron Breakers for £18 and pointed me to the Ltd Ed Games Day Kroot Shaper from 2001, for £6. WOW! What a find! So I snapped that up along with the US Ltd Edition Web Only Space Marine (a bit of a mouth full) for again £6! Both usually go for between £15 and £30 each on Ebay, I got both for £12 and £2 P&P, absolute bargain!

They are both sat on my painting table and I plan on starting the marine as some point today, with hopefully pics over the next day or two.I would like to apologies for the pictures, I'm not at my house and it's not my camera, so lighting and settings have alluded me this time.  Well that's all for today, as always any questions and queries are welcome.


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