Ultramarine Additions: Limited Edition Veteran/Sergeant

Well as promised here is my completed Web Only Veteran/Sergeant (can't quite remember when it was listed as). Really took my time with this and tried to do everything super carefully

Also got to use my new paints on him, which I must say, I do like, a lot. Ok, it's a given the Macragge Blue and Altdorf Guard Blue are just repackaged Mordian and Ultramarine Blue, however, Drakenhoff Nightshade will become invaluable to any Ultramarine painter, so to will Calgar Blue for fine highlights. On the pic above you may notice the left lense on the helmet looks scratched, thats because I cocked up the painting, so I went for some battle damage instead, using some tips I read on FTW.

 As you can probably tell I like to do my Ultras a little darker than the norm, I think the smurf blue is a tad ummm....bright for the grim dark future. Didn't really see the need to try the Etherium Blue on this model as once the layers had fully cured the blend of colours gave to me the look I wanted.

Tried to do a little freehand on the shoulder pads for the chapter logo and the veteran symbol, the U is passable, and I was surprised how easy the crux terminus was to paint. 

Well as always, comments and criticisms are always welcome and if anyone had any tips then they'd be great too! Oh, and before I forget I picked up this guy off ebay too..

Not as much of a bargain as the others, but for what he is £17 was just about right in all honesty. He's next...I think...unless I get some Sternguard...or more Tyrannic War Vets... hmm



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