Battle Missions - Have You Ordered Yours?

Hello all.

Today Battle Missions went up for advanced order along with some very nice looking Killa Kans and new shiney plastic Venerable Dreadnought. There is also the new Deff Dread and the updated Basalisk and Chimera kits. The Deff Dread does look quite awesome aswell but I think the Kans would be the better buy (shame I'm not an Ork player, well not yet anyway lol) The Venerable Dreadnought does look good aswell but in order to turn it into a Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought there could be alot of green stuff work filling in bits here and there. I know Zebulon will be getting it, and I think he may have mentioned something about getting 2 of them. Well one for his Ultarmarines and one for his Iron Lords I guess. Myself on the other hand will wait to see what it looks like when Zebulon gets his. I have however pre-ordered a copy of the Battle Missions book. I think it could really add some diversity to the game as long as the missions aren't all based along the same lines as those in the cole rulebook.

And lastly as a side note, an update on our planned campaign. I'm still in the process of writing the last few missions and typing up what I've already done. We've decided to make the campaign 10 missions long, although there will be a couple of optional missions that can be played depending on the outcome of a couple of missions, so at most it will end up as 12 shoul dboth optional missions be played. I've also told Zebulon that I've had an idea for an intresting set of games. I need to write those as well (It all just keeps building up). There will be 5 of them and they will be linked together, basically forming a mini campaign. It doesn't have a setting yet and in order to turn my idea into reality I may have to adapt some of the rules but I don't know yet. We'll see how it goes.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for reading.


Bulidings crack and tumble. Fields are turned into graves. But all is not lost as more hero's arrive to try and turn the tide.

There's a howl in the distance. It echo's all around. Is it getting closer? Or further away? It can't be good either way.

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