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Hi all.

So two posts in as many days, its almost unheard of. Anyway on to the pictures.


So first up we have the first three Wolf Guard to complete the squad of 5 in my previous pictures post. There isn't much more to say about them really. Its clear what they're armed with and I'm happy with how they've turned out.

Next up with have the last 2 Wolf Guard squad members. The idea behind these two was that they are brothers who were both recruited at the same time. To try and convey this I armed them in the same way and tried to have similat thinsg on both models. For example the totem on the back packs are both the same suggesting the link between them. The rest of the back story behind them is that when their blood claw pack was promoted to rank of grey hunters the pack was desimated not long after, with these been the only survivors. They were found fighting back to back with a fast rising pile of dead around them. They were promoted to the rank of Wolf Guard after the campaign

Here we have my latest project. Its a techmarine that I'm converting into an Iron Priest. I could have used him as he was but I decided that if he really was gonna be an Iron Priest in my Space Wolf army he needed to look more 'wolfy'. To that end I added this small pelt to the front on the model. He's not finished yet as there are still other thinsg to add to him.

Below is the techmarines power axe turned into a thunder hammer. Seen as Iron Priests carry thunder hammers it was the first thing I changed on the model. The axe head was removed and a plastic thunder hammer head from my terminator kit was pinned to the top. The cable was made using a piece of old guitar string.

The next two pictures are the  'clamp' servo arms from the servo harness. Seen as an Iron Priest isn't allowed a servo harness I haven't bothered with the flamer or the plasma cutter arms. Technically the Iron Priest should only have 1 servo arm but to make the model look a bit more balenced I decided to keep the smaller 'clamp' servo arm even though it can't be used. I modeled wolf head on to both of them to give the appearance of wolf coming over the Iron Priest's shoulders, with the jaws wide open. I think it adds nicely to the wolf theme.


So here's my version of Stracken. I admit that he isn't the best model I've painted but I'm pleased with him reguardless. I think the best painted part on him are the bionics. The skin let me down a little as I didn't get enough shade on the skin to really define the muscles. I ended up having to go back and re-do it after I'd done Harker (below) because I could see that the muscles weren't defined enough. Once I did that he looked alot better and then I moved on to the bionics. Painting it the same way I'd do the skin but with metallics instead.

Next we have Harker. Possibly the best skin I've ever painted. I learned from painting Stracken that I had to really bring out the muscle definition on Harker as his muscley apperance is somehting that really stands out on him. I achieved this by first basecoating with dwarf flesh and then giving the skin a heavy wash with watered down bestial brown. On the really deep area's I applied a second wash of the bestial brown to really make it stand out. I then reset the base colour leaving the bestial brown in the deepest parts. I then worked my way up to almost elf flesh.

Now for a few models that I just wanted to show you all.
First up is my Commisar Yarrick. I really like this model and took extra care when I was painting it. I was especially pround of the colour I got on the claw after I'd washed it with several colours. I was also very  happy with how the black cloth ended up.

Next up with have my other 2 commisars. They are both the same model. One of them I left as it was and the other I made changes to. The conversion of the one on the right was quite challenging. The left arm is positioned behind the back so i had to remove that first and then clean up the back. Then I added the chainsaw arm from the cadian box. Cutting it at the elbow so that it would attach to the remainder of the left arm on the commissar. I then used greenstuff to add the rest of the storm coat's sleave over the new part and added the turned over cuff to match the right arm. I then added a lasgun to the commissar to make it look as though he'd picked it up in the field as a back up gun. I know they're not actually allowed to use them.

Next up we have some shots of the skyshield and the bastion that I've been working on.
The eagles on the skyshield aren't white as they may appear from this picture. I actually used Space Wolf Grey for them as it covers a bit better than white does and looks good aswell. The rusted area's were drybrushed with bestial brown. Then a lighter drybush was applied using blazing orange over the centre of the brown area's. Below the skyshield are the leg for it. It was painted in the same way as the rest of it.

Here we have the bastion. As I've said in a previous post it is an amazing kit and one I will probably get more of at some point.  The green colour I've used is Catachan Green which then had Camo Green drybrushed over it. I used this on the skyshield aswell.

And there we have it. Some nice new models all finished and a look back at some of my 'older' ones aswell as the sceinery pieces. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments.

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