For Gondor!

Hi all.

Today I bring my second set of pictures. These are of my Lord of the Rings army that I am currently building. Myself and Zebulon both started out with the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game whcih we collected through fornightly magazines. From there we bracnched out to 40k and our LotR models slowly began to decline in use and have sat in boxes ever since. I have occasionally played over the past few years but not against Zebulon. However a few months ago I bought the new model of Gandalf mounted on Shaowfax. It is one of the best models I've ever painted and my passion for the LotR models was ignited once more. A couple of months ago I bought myself a copy of War of The Ring in a closing down sale and since then have been slowly painting new LotR models and repainting those that I already had in an attempt to bring them up to scratch. And so here are the first pictures of my new models, as well as some older ones, all ready to march across middle earth.

First up we have the Warriors of the Dead.  In War of the Ring I will be using these to field The Court of the Dead King ledgendary formation. I bought the banner bearer yesterday while visiting Zebulon. The first company (first pic) contains all the metal warriors that I got 4 or 5 years ago. The king of the Dead (centre right) is the third one that I've had. The other two comapnies are made up using the plastic warriors of the dead that came out not so long ago. The last picture are the dead models that I have left over. They will be used when I get some more to make a full 6 companies.

These are my Kinghts of Minas Tirith. I have a Knight Banner Bearer as well but he is still in need of a re-paint and I also have one that Zebulon gave to me yesterday which is yet to be painted in any way. I will be looking to get more of these as well as some Swan Kinghts. he new plastic ones coming out in a week or so.

And finally we have my Warriors of Minas Tirth. There are 8 with sword and shield, 8 with spear and shield and 8 with bows. This give me two companies with hand weapons and 1 company with bows. I have another 36 which have just been re-painted (12 more of each) which gives me another 3 hand weapon companies and 1 bow company.

As I'm writing this I have 9 Fountain Court Guard, 2 Banner Bearers, 6 Seige Engine Crew and the Dead Banner Bearer on my desk waiting to be painted.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading.


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