The Return From The Eastern Fringe

Hey all,
been a long time coming this, but I have had a revelation during the last couple of months, which has led me to reassess my place in the 40k universe, and for those of you who read Blackmane's last post you might know where I'm going with this.

The Greater Good. Yes, that's right folks I've thrown my hat in with the Tau in an attempt to bring the Greater Good to the rest of the galaxy, an affair that I sort of started 6/7 years ago that didn't really take off, hence why I've had a box of Fire Warriors sat unopened in my room. But that has all changed, with the possession on the new (4th ed) codex and a Battleforce, the Tau are marching to liberate the galaxy.

Why the Tau? Well after 8 or so years of collecting Marines, I thought it was time for somewhat of a change, as we all know each force handles differently on the tabletop and the Tau are rather different from your standard marines, the more range shooty aspect intrigues me, as each unit in the Tau dex has rather a different role, where as marines seem to be jack of all trades for example. For example, Tactical Marines and Assault Marines, both have the same stats, where as the Fire Warriors and Kroot are different because of their role, in essence you can pile in with Tac's in the assault, but you'd be mad to try it with Fire warriors. Not the best way of explaining it, but to me each of the different units are distinctly different, they each have their own specialised role, where as the Astartes can bodge their way through most things.

Plus, I played the Fire Warrior game on the PS2, and it seemed to just flesh out the race more, and out them in a better light, softening my Xenos hating exterior. But as they say onwards and upwards. Currently I have a force consisting of 2 Fire Warrior squads, 1 Kroot squad, 1 devil fish, 2 crisis suits, 3 stealth suits and an Ethereal. They had a small trial by fire in a skirmish with Blackmane, and by his own admission, I should have probably won, if not for failing a morale test falling a full 12" of the game board, leaving no scoring units
 just the devil fish, but I know now no to have them as close to the edge lol.

Anyway, I have a couple of picks of a finished XV8 Crisis Suit that I am going to post in here, just need to install the drivers for the usb cable lol. The theme is based on Shas'o R'ymr as the commander, who will be winging his way through the post on pay day lol, I liked it as it is a nice contrast to the two marine armies I have been collecting and will look good on the field I think, plus I like the blue.

Well, that's it for the minuet, am gonna sort out the camera and upload the pics of the finished XV8 Suit, and the set to work assembling the Kroot. What about the Marines you ask? Theyre on their Dreadnoughty way!


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