From the Wilds of Fenris I Have Come

Hi all.

Today I bring pictures. This is the first of 3 posts over the next few days. I don't want to upload all my pictures into one post as there are a fair few.

So today I'm starting with my Space Wolves who have had new additons left, right and centre over the past few months from new priests to wolf guard squads and bigger blood claw squads.

First up we have my Iron Priest. I have previously posted pictures of him before he was undercoated. And since the picture was taken the base has been finished as with most of the models in the pictures. The main conversions were changing the power axe into a thunder hammer and sculpting wolf heads onto the servo arms. I was aiming for the impression that wolves were coming over his shoulders and I think I achieved this fairly well

Next up we have my Wold Priest. The crozius arcanum was made from a chain balde with the teeth cut off and with a back pack top from the wolf pack sprues fixed tot he end. The amulets and horn were taken from the wolf guard sprues. 

Here we have my Rune Priest. Again pretty standard with no major conversions. The main piece I added was the rune axe which was taken from the wolf guard sprues. 

Here we have Canis Wolfborn. I decided to treat myself to him when I didn't have the internet and not even Zebulon knew I had him until he saw him. He was a lot of fun to paint and I have to admit the model was a little bigger than I thought it would be. I decided on a similar colour for the wolf to that used by GW. However I decided to paint more of the wolf a darker colour hence why only the wolf's jaw is the cream colour  as opposed to GW's where most of the head is. I felt that this gave the wolf a more menacing apperance. Canis was fairly straightforward to paint although I did pay a bit more attention to the hair that I usually would as I felt its one Canis' more defining features.

Next up we have my wold guard in terminator armour. There is a fifth member who I posted a picture of a while back as he was the first to be done. I've gone for a variety of wepaons rather than giving them all wolf claws or thunder hammers and storm shields. As you will notice the last two pictures are of the same guy. However when I assembled him I made sure to pin the arms in place and not glue them on so that I could change between the assault cannon and heavy flamer. It gives me the option of mowing foes down with bullet fire or getting up close and personal and roasting them. (Watch out Zebulon's Tau).

Here we have the 5 new members for one my original blood claw squads. I decided to make them so that I could field a full squad of 15 blood claws without having to take models from my other blood claw squad as I usually like to field 2 squads. By adding the extra 5 men it also allowed me to take advantage of the free special weapon for a full squad and so the squad gained a plasma gun (there isn't alot of special weapon choice on the sprues).

An lastly we have my newest tank. I bought the old version of the crusader in a shop that was shutting down. I hadn't realised it was at the time. However I made the most of my mistake to turn it into an advantage. As Zebulon would probably say I have a thing for getting the most out of every kit I get. The terminator who can change weapons been a good example. And so I ordered the crusader upgrade sprue which gave me the new plastic hurricane bolters, assault cannon, multi-melta and frag lauchers as well as an additional set of sponson brackets. This allowed me to assemble the kit without the notoriously hard to assemble metal hurricane bolters and allowed me to make both the hurricance bolter and helstrom cannon sponsons meaning I have the option of changing between the two as I see fit. The metal assault cannon will be used along with the spare mount for use on my razorback.

Well thats all the pics for today, more tomorrow. While I remember there are also scouts but I forgot to take pictures.

On a side note I read Zebulon's post about his defection to The Greater Good. As we speak the Great Companies of Ragnar Blackmane, Gunnar Red Moon and Engir Krakendoom along with an Inquistorial contigent are making their way to Zebulon's last known location to have a few 'words'.

Thanks for reading,


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