Consider yourself Vanquished!

Hi all Blackmane here.

Today I recieved my new Leman Russ tank in the post. And as soon as I had finished working some more on the river sections (See Scenery: Project River), I set to work assembling my new tank.

Again the new track design really speeded up the assembly process, just as it did on the hellhound kit I got a few months back. I think this was a good improvement to the way the Imperial Guard tanks are assembled and I hope that it will be rolled out to the Space Marine tanks as well.

The only thing I don't like about the new tanks is the integrated cupola on the turret. On the old model I could make multiple top hatches and change them as needed so that I didn't have to have the pintle weapon I'd mounted and could instead just have it shut or a different pintle weapon prehaps. It also means that my version of Knight Commander Pask is now completely useless as he is in one of the interchangable cupola's and therefoe can't fit in the new turret. So I'm going to  have to make a new one which is a slight pain. But its a small price to pay if it means my Vanquisher will be that little bit more effective.

All I can say is that I look forward to blowing up Zebulon's many dreadnoughts with my new tank and that pictures will follow in the next few days.

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