Lord of the Rings Picture's

Hi all.

Today I have some picture's of my Lord of the Rings models that I've been painting the last few days.

First up we have Denathor, Steward of Gondor. With Denathor I used Adeptus Battlegrey as the base colour for the hair and the long coat and Codex Grey for the fur trim. The idea here was to give the model a unified look with the colour's while keeping each section distinct from the next section it touches. The face was done with Dwarf flesh, washed and then highlighted. Codex grey was also added to the flesh highlights in small amounts to give the skin an older appearance.

Next up we have the crew's for my Battlecry Trebuchet (top picture) and my Avenger Bolt Thrower (bottom picture) The crew's were painted in the same way as the Warriors of Gondor that make up the majority of my army.

Here we have a Captain and a Banner Bearer. Again these were painted in the same way as the Warriors of Gondor. The Captain, while not as good as a named hero, add's some cheap might points to an army and can be very useful for keeping the army in place if the army should become broken for taking 50% casualties. The Banner Bearer is best kept close to an important hero who will be taking on the toughest opponents as the banner allows you to re-roll one dice to decide who wins the combat which is always useful.

Next up we have Saruman. I think that he is possibly one of the best models I've ever painted and I think Zebulon would agree. I am extremely happy with how the robe's turned out. I think I managed to get the highlight layers just right which really works well against the shade in the recesses. I also think I got the skin just right. And again I added a little grey to the skin highlights to give that aged effect.

Last up we have Lurtz. With Lurtz I wanted to keep the overall scheme fairly dark. All the of cloth and the bow were basecoated with Scorched Brown, the armour, sword and shield with Boltgun Metal, the skin with Dark Flesh and the belts, straps, etc with Graveyard Earth. Then I washed everything with Badab Black and proceded to highlight. I think I achieved my aim of keeping it dark while still managing to make the area's stand out with the highlights.

On a side note Zebulon has recently moved house and so currently has no internet but should hopefully have it back soon.

Well thats all today. Thanks for reading and as always comments are welcome.


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