One More Wolf For the Pack

Hi all.

Today I have a picture of my latest Space Wolf. Its the model I made to represent Erik Morkai. The model will primarily be used to represent one of the Masters of the Chapter in game's of Apocalypse. I will also use him from time to time, and the others, as Wolf Guard model's to lead other packs.

I decided on painting the armour's trim in the saem way I paint bone's. This is to make him stand out from ordinary Space Wolves and make him that bit more individual which is apropriate for a Wolf Lord I think. I purposely gave him a hand weapon and a plasma pistol because the plasma pistol allows him to take down more heavily armoured foes but still allows him to recieve the +1 attack for two hand weapons. It may be that he will accompany my wolf scouts because in Erik Morkai's background material it says his Great Company has a higher number of wolf scouts than the other companies. This leads me to think that maybe on oocasion he would join the scouts because he seems to have a temprement more like that of scouts. Overall I think this is a very good model. I think the bne trim really works quite well I think the pose really works too. To me it looks like he's lowered his plasma pistol after firing it and is now about to swing his chainsword in an attack.

On a side note I bought some assult marines which I've asembled and just waiting to spray black. However the weather just hasn't been right using spray paint so they'll have to wait for a bit.

Anyway thats all for today. Thanks for reading and as always comments are welcome.


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