Quick Update

Hi all.

Today is just a quick update on what I've been doing.

I have started to paint the second of my masters of the chapter which is Erik Morkai. He's armed with a plasma pistol and a chainsword. I've decided to paint the armour trim in the same way I paint the skull's and bone's on the space wolf models. I've done it like this because he is described  as solving problems that come his way with swift and bloody acts of violence. Its therefore reasonable to assume that he's killed a great many foes in battle and would have taken trophies which I've decided to depict as a bone trim on his armour representing the bones of fallen foes crafted into hsi armours trim over the centuries.

The other model that I've been working on and finished is an Uruk-hai Captian. I've painted him in pretty much the same way as Lurtz (Pictured in a previous post. Click Isenguard in the labels side bar). The only major difference is that the Captain is wearing more armour then Lurtz and I haven't painted the White Hand on the Captain's face.

Well thats all for now. I should have another post up in the next few days on something Zebulon suggested I do. Until then thanks for reading and as always comments are always welcome.


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