Hero of Gondor

Hi all.

Today I finished yet another model, go me! Still 50+ plus to go. Its lucky I enjoy painting.

Anyway on with the post. Today I finished one of my Boromir models. He was the first version of Boromir myself and Zebulon got. I have another two version's to paint which are fairly similar so I will do those at the same time.

This version is a faily straight forward model to paint. The majority of the model is the black cloth he wears on top which I gave a very subtle highlight with a dark grey mix. I did this to keep the cloth looking black as opposed to grey. The red cloth area's I painted with Scab Red and washed with Asurmen Blue before resetting the base colour and then using Terracotta as the highlight. The horn was painted in the same way as I paint all bone. The hair was Scorched Brown washed with Oygrn Flesh and drybrushed with Bestial Brown. The skin was done with Dwarf Flesh, washed with Ogyrn Flesh, basecolour was reset and then given a fine highlight with Elf Flesh. I think I've finally found a way of painting skin that I'm happy with and is fairly simple to repeat. Although in future I might be tempted to add in a 50/50 mix of dwarf flesh and elf flesh just to help make the highlight's a little smoother.
All in all another model I am very happy with and will look great leading my Gondorian army.

Yesterday I said that I was waiting to get my Skyclaws and White Dwarf model undercoated which got done today. This mean's I'll be able to get them my skyclaws painted up ready for the next game myself and Zebulon have. Zebulon already has a dislike for my Bloodclaws on foot. Now he'll have to deal with some more and these have jump packs.

Well thats all for today. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. I'll see how painting goes. Thanks forreading and as always comments are always welcome.


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