Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Space Marines (30/09/2010)

Hi all,

Today I'm gonna attempt to write up the game I played last week, and will hopefully follow up with the games I played this week (7/10/10). It should be noted that these games are being played at 500 points with a modified force organisation chart. The minimum required is 1 HQ and 1 Troop. This is because the game I played in was a warm up for the tournament that the manager has set up and which I have now played 2 games in (these games to follow).

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War.

The table was 4x4 and had some arcane ruins set up roughly in the centre.

My force: 1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader, 10 Blood Claws, 10 Grey Hunters, 1 Predator (no sponsons)

Opponet: 1 Terminator Chaplain, 5 Scouts, 8 (possibly 9) Terminators

I set up my Blood Claw Unit to the left of the ruins along with my Wolf Guard Battle Leader and set up my Grey Hunters to the right part way down a hill. The Blood Claws set up as far forwards as possible. My predator had to start off the table.

My opponent set up his scout squad behind the ruins and deployed his Chaplain in Terminator armour about 12" from his bored edge. His unit of 8 (9) terminators had to start off the board.

I got first turn. My opponent tried to steal the initiative and failed. So first turn was mine.

Turn 1
My predator rolled onto the field behind the Blood Claws ready to back them up. Both my Grey Hunters and Blood Claws moved forwards. My Grey Hunters were out of rapid fire range so couldn't shoot the scouts and my Blood Claws didn't yet have line of sight.

My opponent moved his Terminators onto the board next to the Chaplain. His scouts fired a few shots into my Blood Claws but they failed to do anything.

Turn 2
I moved forwards again bringing my Grey Hunters into range and my Blood Claws into line of sight. My predator moved a further 6" giving it line of sight through the ruins.
My Blood Claws started the shooting phase by shooting at the scouts. They scored 2 hits but failed to cause any wounds on them. My Grey Hunters fired next, however bcause they moved they had to rapid fire and only 3 of them were in range so they took 6 shots. They managed to score a repectable 5 hits and managed to kill a scout. First blood to me.

My opponets Termie squad with Chaplain then moved forwards. The scouts stayed where they were. The Termie's then proceeded to shoot my Blood Claws. The assault cannon scored 2 hits and 2 wounds which rolled 6 so they were rending. 2 dead Blood Claws. Then the squad fired the storm bolters that were in range. 12 shots, 2 wounds and 2 more dead Blood Claws. That meant I had lost more than 25% of my squad so a moral check was in order. They passed thanks to the leadership 9 of the Wolf Guard Battle Leader with them. He then used the missle launcher in his scout sqaud to shoot at my Grey Hunters. The template scattered harmlessly wide.

Turn 3
My Grey Hunters moved forward again this turn bringing the whole squad into rapid fire range. Under threat from the advancing Termies and Chaplian my weakend Blood Claw sqaud retreats up a hill and out of charge range of the Termies. The Grey Hunters proceeded to shoot the scouts at rapid fire range. 20 shots, 8 hits and 1 wound inflicted. The scouts would have to take a moral check. My predator also shoots at the scouts and inflicts a wound but the cover granted by the ruins means the scouts escape another wound. The scouts then take thier morale check and pass.

My opponents began his 3rd turn by moving his Termies up even more, keen to reach my Blood Claws. The scouts remianed stationary again. His shooting phase began with the scouts firing their missile launcher at my Grey Hunters again. It scatters but thanks to the scouts ballistic skill it only scatters 1". 2 hits and 2 wound are taken. Both saves are passed leaving my Grey Hunters at full strength. The Termies assault cannon opens fire again. Another 2 hits and 2 wounds. Another Blood Claw ends up dead. And another morale check will have to be taken. The the storm bolter shots are worked out. 8 hits are inflicted resulting in 5 wounds. Another 2 Blood Claws are left dead. The Blood Claws take their leadership test but even with the Wolf Guard Battle Leader they fail by 1 and fall back 8"

Turn 4
My Blood Claws rally thanks to 'And They Shall Know No Fear'. Everything moves this turn. My predator moves forward in an attempt to block line of sight to the Blood Claws however they are too far away to be covered without sacrificing the predators shooting. My Grey Hunters move even closer to the scouts. I really didn't want to charge them as it would have left them open to a counter assault from the still full strength Termie squad. So the Grey Hunters rapid fire their trusty bolters at the scouts inflicting 5 hits and cause 3 wounds. All 3 saves are failed and the scout sqaud is eliminated. 1 Kill Point to me. The predator then shot at the Termie squad inflicting 1 hit and 1 wound which was then saved.

My opponet, having only his Termie sqaud and Chaplain left had little to do in the movment phase. The whole squad advanced again, bringing them into charge range of my predator. In the assault phase they charge in powerfists swinging. Because I had moved my predator my opponent needed 4+ to hit my tank. The Chaplain kicked off the proceedings. He gets 3 hits against the predator and manages to get a glancing hit. My opponent then rolled a 6 on the damage chart and due to the -2 for got an imobilised result instead. The Chaplain had just stopped my tank with a good thump from his Crozius. The the squads powerfists got their chance to hit. 6 penetrating hits and 2 more glancing hits later and my predator was blown up. Nothing but wreckage.

Turn 5
My Grey Hunters move 6" and run 5" in the shooting phase. My Blood Claws move back towards the Termies hoping to inflict some casualties before assaulting. The scored 3 wounds with their bolt pistols but fail to kill any of them. My Battle Leader shoots with his plasma pistol and manages to both hit and wound but no kill because of an invunerable save. The Bloold Claws and Battle Leader then assault into the Termies and Chaplain. My Battle Leader gets 3 hits thanks to a wold tooth necklace and manages 2 wounds but both are saved. The remaining Blood Claws managed 11 attacks with 7 hits and 3 wounds but again they were saved. The Termies and Chaplain then responded and really showed they meant business. They manage to eliminate my remaining Blood Claws leaving just the Battle Leader.Unsurprisingly he fell back managing to fall back 7", not enough to get away entirely.

My opponent turned his Termie squad around and moved them to face my Grey Hunters who where coming up behind them. His Chaplain moves after my Battle Leader. The Termies shoot at my Grey Hunters. Causing a total of 8 hits and 3 wounds. Luckily only 1 Grey Hunter is killed. The Chaplain charged into my Battle Leader who regroups to take on the Chaplain 1 on 1. The Chaplain strikes my Battle Leader 3 times and manages to inflict 1 wound. The Battle Leader was now down to 1 wound. Then my Battle Leader stuck back with 5 attacks. 3 of them hit and 2 cause wounds and 1 wound is caused the the Chaplain leaving him with 1 too. They remain Locked in combat.

Turn 6
The game continued into the 6th turn and my opponent was winning 2 KP's to my 1KP. The fight between the HQ's would likly decide the winner. My Grey Hunters moved towards the now very close Termies. I had a choice to make in my shooting phase. Rapid fire my bolters and hope to cause plenty of wounds and hope for failed saves or use the Grey Hunters bolt pistols and then charge in. There was only one option really. The Grey Hunters pulled out their bolt pistols and let loose a volly. there were maybe 7 termies left at this point. I managed to kill two of them reducing them to 5. They took a morale check and passed. So it was on to the assault. The Grey Hunters charge in using their bolt pistols and close comabat weapons in order to gain an additional attack each. I managed to inflict 12 hits, 3 from a power weapon. I managed to then inflict 5 wounds, 2 of which were from the power weapon. That was one wound for each memeber of the Termie squad, of which 2 requred an invunerable save. They lost two of their number due to the power weapon. Unfortunatley they struck back harder and managed to reduce my squad to just 3 members. They ran away, falling back 11". On to the HQ battle. The Chaplain struck first. He managed to inflict 3 hits and 3 wounds. With no invulnerable save my Battle Leader was slain before he could strike back.

With only 3 Grey Hunters left I conceeded the game.That made it 3:1 on kill points to my opponent. It got really close at the end and it at one point it did look like I may eliminate that Termie sqaud and gain and additional KP but not enough hits were converted to wounds.

In this warm up game I learned a few things about my 500 point army, which by the way hadn't been built especially for the tournament. Firstly my predator was very ineffective. 2 shots just isn't enough. They may be a fairly decent strength but there just aren't enough of them. Secondly I relaised that I was going to need to keep my 2 units closer together because my Blood Claws got picked off at the other side of the ruins where my Grey Hunters couldn't help them out. The ruins blocked any shots at the Termie squad and going through them would have slowed me down too much so I had to go round which allowed my opponent to take care of my Blood Claws on their own. So I'm going to have to make a few changes and see what happens next time.

However I really did enjoy the game and was definately ready to play some more games and was looking forward to the tournament.

Well everyone thankyou for reading and please feel free to leave any comments.


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