Long Time No See

Hi all.

Its been a while since I last posted. However I've found myself quite busy now I'm at University and so I haven't done a whole lot of painting.

However before I started my course properly I did get another Blood Claw squad updated to the new paint scheme. I should get some pictures taken soon and I'll get them posted. I also started on painting a White Dwarf model. Hopefully he will be finished fairly soon too and pictures taken and posted. I also went to my second games night at my local games workshop. I got to have a game this week and had a great time. I didn't win but it was very close and I almost snatched the victory on the 6th turn which was the last turn we played. I took some notes while I was playing and will attempt to write a battle report. Unfortunately there won't be any pictures as I didn't take my camera but I will try next time.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for having a read and please feel free to leave comments.


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