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Pictures: Space Wolves, Ulrik and a Special One

Hi all.
Today I'm posting some pictures I took the other day and had meant to post then but it kinda slipped my mind. Anyway here they are now. I took these the characters down to my local GW as the manager was interested in having a look. He thought they were very good and really liked them both. So have a scroll down and take a look for yourselves.

First up we have Ulrik the Slayer. I'm very impressed with my repainted version. He looks so much better than he originally did. See here for the old Ulrik (He's about halfway down). Its clear there is a huge improvement in quality and I would now be more than happy fielding him without thinking 'he's looking a bit old'. I currntly have no superglue so I haven't been able to stick the backpack on.

 Next up we have my latest squad to get updated. Its my second squad of Blood Claws. The squad like all the rest used to have both a powerfist and power weapon. However since the rules changed I removed the power weapon from this squad and instead gave them a flamer I found at the bottom of tool box type thing. It was genrously given to me by Zebulon somke time ago and I can't remember what I had wanted it for originally. Anyway the Blood Claws have it now and seen as its automatic hits I don't have to worry about their BS 3. Some of the pictures are a little blurry which I apologise for.

And finally a model I have been working on for a while. The White Dwarf! He's been sat on my paint station for the last few weeks but I just wasn't in the right mood to paint this fantastic model. However while I was painting Ulrik I got stuck in and this is the result. I have to say I'm extremely happy with how he's turned out. Especially the beard.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for having a look and please feel free to leave any comments.



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