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Hi all.

Today I bring another 2 battle reports. I've been meaning to type these up for the last couple of weeks but I have been so busy at Uni I haven't had the chance. I apologise in advance if these don't quite cover everything well but the games played a lot faster and I didn't get chance to make notes so some of it is from memory. The two games were part of the tournament thats currently running. These are my 1st and 2nd games.

So here goes.

Game 1

Space Wolves vs Chaos Space Marines

500 Point Shop Tournament Game

Mission: Annihilation (I think)

Deployment: Pitched Battle

There were two buildings on the table. One on my left on the edge of my deployment zone and the other was placed in the opposite place across the table.

I won the roll off and set up first. My opponent tried to steal the initiative but failed so I went first.

Turn 1
I moved everything forwards apart from my Predator. It took 2 shots, caused 1 hit and 1 wound which was saved.

My oppoenent moved his units forwards. they consisted of a unit of berzerkers, a unit of marines and his chaos lord with a daemon weapon. They managed to kill 1 of my Blood Claws.

Turn 2
Thinsg started well for me. I moved forwards with my Blood Claws and Grey Hunters again. My Grey Hunters were now in rapid fire range and managed to bring down 3 of the marines and my predator managed to kill a berzerker. My Blood Claws opened up with their bolt pistols and killed exactly nothing. Oh well, better luck next time.

My opponent began by moving forwards again. Bringing his marines and lord within charge range of my Blood Claws and Battle Leader. The bezerkers were moved back and in to the building on my oppoenents side of the board. Some of my Blood Claws were killed by shooting. 2 of them I think. Ultimately it wouldn't matter. The Blood Claws were assaulted and wiped out in the assault phase. Luckily my Battle Leader survived with all his wounds intact. He succesfully broke away from the combat and towards my Grey Hunter pack.

Turn 3
I now moved my Grey Hunters towards the chaos marines and my Battle Leader who wasn't in exactly the best position. The Grey Hunter's didn't shoot this turn and my predator failed to do anything this turn missing all shots. My Grey Hunters charged in to the chaos marines and my Battle Leader changed in along side them. The chaos lord was just out of reach as he was nearer the back of the unti from last turn. I inflicted 2 or 3 hits and failed to wound as did the chaos marines. However when the chaos marines had piled in my Battle Leader was charged by the chaos lord. Oh dear. My opponent got 8 attacks against my Leader. At this point I had my hand over him ready to remove him as a casualty. Luck was on my side however when my opponent  managed to miss all 8 attacks leaving my Battle Leader without even a scratch. In return my Battle leader carved into the chaos lord with his trusty chainsword and caused a wound. I think I lost the combat but passed my leadership so we were locked in for the next turn.

Turn 4
Ihad little to do on turn 4. My predator took some shots at the berzerkers and again failed to do anything. At this point I was seriously considering dropping it from my list in favour of something else. Combat rolled around again. I wasn't so lucky this time. The chaos lord and his daemon weapon along with the chaos marines wiped out my Grey Hunters suffering only a single casualty in return. An upside was no attacks were made against my Battle Leader. He took another wound from the chaos lord. He still lost the combat and this time he did run away.

With only a Battle Leader who was running and a predator left I conceaded the game. So my first game of the tournament ended in a lost. Thats 1 point for me and 3 for my opponent.

Game Highlights
For me it was my Wolf Guard Battle Leader who was lucky enough not to be struck by 8 daemon weapon attacks and then cause a wound in return with just a chainsword.

Game 2

Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons

500 Point Shop Tournament Game

Mission: Capture and Control

Deployment: Spearhead (I think)

The game was played on the same table as the first.

The Daemons consisted of 2 squads of 5 pink horrors, 2 chariots and a daemon prince. My opponent split hi army into the 2 squads of horrors and the 2nd group were the 2 chariots and the daemon prince.

Turn 1
I deployed my forces on a hill on the right side of my deployment zone with my predator places looking over the battle field with the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws in front of it to act as a shield. I moved my squads forwards a little bit but not enough to leave a gap to deapstrike into. With no targets in the shooting phase I choose to do nothing. My opponent then rolled for which half of his force would arrive first. His Horrors arrived first. The first squad scattered close to a builing and closer to my Grey Hunters than my opponent would have liked. His second sqaud landed about 12" behind the first on another hill. I hink my opponent shot at my Grey Hunters with the closest Horror squad and manged to kill a Grey Hunter.

Turn 2
It was full steam ahead this turn for my Wolves. My Grey Hunters moved towards the closest squad of Horrors with the Blood Claws and Wolf Guard Leader moving in behined them to support. In the shooting phase my Grey Hunters fired thier bolt pistols rather than botlers so that they could still assault. 2 wounds were casued but failed to kill anything. My Blood Claws were out of range and so choose to run, scoring a rather poor 2" on the run roll. My Predator fired at the Horrors causing 2 more wounds but again both were saved. So my Grey Hunters charged in and preceeded to wipe out all but 1 of the Horrors and suffered 1 casualty in return. The remaining Horror managed to break away from the combat and out of range to run it down. My Grey Hunters consolidated 3" back and to the right bringing them away from the building and closer to the supporting Blood Claws. My opponent rolled for reserves and got a chariot but failed to get the other or the daemon prince. The chariot scattered about 3" closer to me from its initial possition. In the shooting phase he choose to run the chariot forwards moving 3" closer to me. The remaining Horror squad shot at my Grey Hunters Killing another 1.

Turn 3
My Grey Hunters moved to intercept the chariot which had potentially brought itself in to charge range. The Blood Claws now moved towards where the Grey Hunters had been aiming to get into a position to take down the Horror sqaud next turn. Again my Gey Hunters used their bolt pistols but caused 0 wounds on the Chariot. My predator shot at the Chariot and inflicted 2 wounds taking it down to 2 wounds. My Blood Claws ran forwards 3". Time for combat. My Grey Hunters moved in to assualt the chariot. One of them was killed before they got to even strike. 6 Grey Hunters left. My Grey Hunters then inflicted 8 hits on the chariot causing 3 wounds 1 of which wasn't saved. 1 wound left on the chariot. Both units remained locked in combat. My opponent roled for reserves and got the daemon prince. Oh no. He deep struck him right behind my units but somewhat thankfully he scattered even further into my deployment zone nearer to my Predator. The horrors moved closer and the 1 horror that remianed from the other squad continued back towards my opponents objective  The daemon prince attempted to shoot my Blood Claws but missed. The horrors did the same thing and inflicted 1 casualty on them. The chariot and Grey Hunters continued the fight this turn and I lost another Grey Hunter. 5 left. But they stayed where they were.

Turn 4
My Wolf Guard Battle Leader broke off from my Blood Claws and headed straight for the Daemon Prince. It was time to cut him down to size. The Blood Claws then moved on towards the remianing full horror squad bringing themselves well within charge range. In the shooting phase the both the Battle Leader and Predator shot at the Daemon Prince. Between them they inflicted a would taking it down to 3 left. With that my Battle Leader let out a howl and charged headlong in to the Daemon Prince. The Blood Claws did likewise and charged in to the horrors. The Daemon Prince did nothing to my Battle Leader but in return, with just a chainsword, took another 2 wounds away from the Daemon Prince. They remained locked in combat. Once we worked out how many attacks my Blood Claws were going to make my opponent was all for just removed the Horrors. I insisted on doing it properly and rolled the 27 attacks I had. Surfice to say the horrors were killed outright. The Blood Claws consolidated 4" with the lone horror now in thier sights. The Grey Hunters didn't suffer anymore wounds and finally managed to take out the chariot. They consolidated 2", heading back towards the Battle Leader. My opponent began his turn and got his final chariot. He deep struck it and it scattered to end up about 6 inches away from my Grey Hunters. The lone horror continued its retreat. Int he shooting phase the chariot attempted to run but only managed 4 inches. Which still left it in range of the Grey Hunters. The assault phase started with the Daemon Prince and Wolf Guard Battle Leader still going toe to toe. The combat ended with another wound take from the daemon Prince with 0 in return. My Wolf Guard Battle Leader was doing me proud.

Turn 5
My Blood Claws continued to hunt down the lone horror closing the gap to roughly 9 inches after they had moved. My Grey Hunters turned around and headed towards the new chariot. They shot it with their bolt pistols but didn't mange to inflict any wounds. The Predator also shot at it and inflicted 1 leaving it with 3. My Blood Claws managed to score 3 hits against the lone horror but none of them were turned into wounds. The fighting started with the Grey Hunters and chariot. I lost another 3 Grey Hunters to the cursed thing but they had inflicted 2 wounds in return leaving it with 1. The Battle Leader wasn't so lucky this turn though. The Daemon Prince struck him down before he got a chance to strike back. The Daemon Prince consolidated 5" looking to go after the Blood Claws. My opponent started his turn by moving the lone horror closer to a building near his deployment zone behind which was his objective.  The Daemon Prince moved straight up the board and ended up about halfway between my Blood Claws and Grey Hunters but out of assult range of both. The chariot and Grey hunters continued to fight. Both Grey Hunters were killed before they got to strike. The chariot then consolidated 4" back towards my opponents deployment zone.

Turn 6

I started by moving my Blood Claws straight towards the building and the objective. My Predator took careful aim at the back of the Daemon Prince and fired. The Daemon Prince was turned to a bloody pulp as he suffered 4 wounds. My opponent managed to save all but 1, but thats all I needed. The Daemon Prince was no more. My Blood Claws ran another 5" forwards bringing them to the corner of the building and 4" away from the objective. The horror moved further along the side of the buliding away from the objective it had secured last turn. The chariot made good pace back across the table moving 6" and getting 6" for the run. There was a slime chance it could reach the objective next turn with another move like that. Currently no one controlled an objective. We rolled the dice and we got turn 7.

Turn 7
I moved my Blood Claws to the objective. They were out of range to charge the horror so I didn't have to worry about them running after it. My Prdeator found its heavy bolters just in range of the chariot and so it would get to make all 8 shots at it this turn. The Predator managed to inflict 3 wounds on the chariot. I needed to it to fail just 1 save. And it failed 2. It had been killed. With 1 horror remaining my opponent conceaded the game. I won my first tournament game!

Game Highlights
The best part for me was my Wolf Guard Battle Leader going toe to toe with a Daemon Prince. And the best bit was he had no fancy close combat weaponary. Just a chainsword. And with it he managed to inflict 2 wounds on it. But more crucially he held it up and stopped it getting to my Blood Claws which I'm sure it would have done. The Grey Hunters were also instrumental. They not only held up and killed 1 chariot but then with even fewer Hunters left held up a second chariot long enough for it to make a difference. My other favourite moment was the Blood Claws running and killing their way across the board to secure my opponnents objective on the far side.

Well thats it for this post. I know its a long read but thankyou for sticking with it. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks for reading.


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