Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: Jump Pack Chaplain

Myself and Blackmane were chatting (as we tend to do) and we both had the desire for the Jump Pack Chaplain, for Blackmanes Sky Claws and for my up coming game im taking a 10 man Assault Squad and I thought a chaplain would be a handy addition.

Coincidentaly we both suggested about doing a kind of versus challenge, we've given ourselves 1 week and both the same Finecast model to make them as different and as army themed as possible. The official start time is 5pm GMT today and the finish post is the same time next Sunday.

This will hopefully be the first in a series of these to showcase our painting and let us paint the stuff we think is awesome but dont have any real gaming use for, I know Blackmane wants us to do the Khorne Lord on Juggernaut next lol.

So we're under starters orders...
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