Blackmane's Dark Eldar: Reinforcements

Hi all

Today I bring an update to my Dark Eldar Kabal. There have been a fair few new releases over the past month and I've bought most of them (I would be getting wracks, grotesques and a haemonculi but wayland is cancelling all finecast orders due to a number of flaws they found).

So first up are some pictures of the models I've assembled so far.

Razorwing Jetfighter
I started assembling this the same day I got it I was that excited. I think the model is great. It just looks sleek and deadly, just how it should look. As can be seen from a couple of the pictures below it is notably smaller than a Valkyrie. One thing that isn't clear enough on the photo's is just how much thinner it is compared to the Valkyrie. It really does highlight the difference between the bulky Imperial Craft and the sleek  craft of the Dark Eldar/Eldar.

I loved the art work for these guys. I hoped the models would look as good. As far as I'm concerned they do. When I saw them I knew I had to get some. So two boxes were ordered so I could have a full squad of 10. At some point I will get another couple of boxes so I can make all the weapon options I want to beable to choose from. I'm intending to run two special wepaons in the squad most of the time. They currently have 2 Splinter Cannons.

 The Full Unit
 Solarite with Power Weapon and Splinter Pistol

 Splinter Cannon Armed Scourges
 Shardcarbine Armed Scourges

Talos Pain Engine
Next up the Talos. I really liked this kit when I saw it. I know there are some people out there who aren't keen on it but in my opinion it is a vast improvment over the old one. I couldn;t stand hat model. I ended up getting 2 of these in total. Of course one them will be assembled as a Cronus Parasite Engine. As an added bonus the Cronus doesn't use the arm pieces the Talso uses so I'll be able to make the other weapon options I haven't already made. The weapons on the Talos in the picture are a close combat weapon (right arm), chain flail (left arm) and heat lance (tail). The fit on the arms is quite tight so they won't fall off and it means I don't have to glue them on allowing me to change them as and when I feel the need. The pod on the tail just to say clips in place so no glue there either. Its not as secure as the arms pieces but it's good enough not to require gluing.

 From left to right, stinger pod, haywire blaster, splinter cannons, liquifier gun.

So thats the stuff I've managed to get assembled so far along with my Finecast Incubi. The items still left to do are:
2x Metal Incubi Boxes
1x Metal Mandrake Box
1x Kabalite Warrior Box
1x Wyches Box
1x Hellion Box
1x Ravager box
1x Talos/Cronus Box
1x Metal Succubus
1x Metal Urien Rakarth ( I will be getting the finecast version for gaming with, I've found the little metal arms are just too likely to come off)
1x Harlequin Box (bought a while back)
1x Death Jester
1x Shadowseer
1x Raider (still waiting for it to be dispatched)
1x Venom (still waiting for it to be dispatched)

As you can see I have a lot of stuff to do. On top of that I'm still busy working away on my Dwarf army. As they say, no rest for the wicked.

Well thats all for today. As always thanks for reading and comments or questions are always welcome.


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