Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: Blackmane Update

Hi all.

If you read the post by Zebulon on Sunday then you'll know that Zebulon and myself are currently involved in a grueling challenge of hobby and painting skill (ok that may be a bit over the top). Anyway this is just a  quick update to keep everyone up to date on my progress with only 3 days left to go.

So far I've made all the modifications, big and small, to my jump pack chaplain model. He's been basecoated and is ready for painting. However I will admit that I had intended to start painting him today but got side tracked, basing 89 models to be exact (more on those another day). That means I'm currently behind my own imposed schedule but I'm hoping to have him pretty much done by tomorrow night. This means I should meet the 5pm deadline on Sunday.

Now this kind of post would normally warrant a few nice WIP pictures. However, Zebulon and myself agreed not to post any in order to keep the final models a suprise for ourselves and all you out there. So with that there really isn't much more I can say as I don;t wish to give anything away.

As always thanks for reading and please drop by on Sunday to see the end results of mine and Zebulons week of toil and hardship (over the toip again isn't it?).


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