Zebulon's Doomwheel WIP

Hi all,

I've finally got my laptop fixed and now I can post properly again! Today I've just got a little update on a Doomwheel I'm doing for my Skaven. Usually I don't like to post WIP's but I'm fairly impressed with how smoothly it's turning out, so I thought a pic or two now couldn't hurt. I've usually shied away from any proper weathering, such as rust and verdigris but being a Skaven player the army sort of demands it.

The basic principal I went with for this was what's vital to the machine, thinking that the Warlock Engineers would be more inclined to look after the more valuable parts and because I'm going for Clan Ektrik and their love of warp lightning, I figured the guns would be the most important! Anyway, to the pictures......


Blackmane graciously gave me some tips on the verdigris and rust, otherwise I'm sure mine would have turned out neon orange a blue, with would definitely ruin the darker sort of tone I'm going for, with the exception of the warpstone chunks. Just a quick post today, but when I get it all finished I'll post a post on it and how things were done maybe. As always C&C's are welcome as I'm always looking to improve!


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