Finished Skaven Doomwheel

Hey folks,
after a slow couple of weeks working and going to christenings and things, I got back today and finished off my Doomwheel. Overall I think it came out fairly well, the base needs doing still (it's drying at the moment) and maybe a tinker with the banner, the freehand is supposed to look scruffy and basic, as they are a chittering rat culture and I thought that they wouldn't got for a totally crisp design, it'll most likely get blown up anyway....

You'll have to excuse the overly bright/whited pictures, I forgot to change the gain on my camera before taking the pics. So now it's ready to roll out onto the field and annihilate those squat creatures that keep getting in the way, or the rest of it's own force depending on how it feels. Dangerous be we love it! As always C&C's are always welcome!

Ektrik For The Win!

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