Scenery WIP: Eldar Webaway/Transporter Pads

Hi all

So I've been quiet the last couple of weeks when it comes to posting. Hobby stuff has taken a bit of a back seat and the going is slow. However I have been doing bits here and there. Today I bring some pictures of some scenery I've been slowly working on and would like to share the progress so far.

The curved plastic pieces are some guttering brackets that were on clearence that I got from a diy store. I decided to go with a triangular shaped platform in the centre as it seemed to fit with the over look I would be going for better than other shapes. The Dark Eldar model was for sizing purposes whne it ame to deciding oon the size of the platforms.

Bases cut from carboard and the brackets placed on to get the positioning right.

I then glued the brackets down and based the cardboard with some building sand rather than the stuff I'd normally use on model bases. However during the process of the glue dring the cardboard bases warped quite badly. I'd forgotten to do the little trick I'd picked up which was to coat the other side in glue to stop the warping. I applied it afterwards and it mostly fixed the problem (as can be seen in the above picture) leaving the bases pretty much flat. However I was not happy with them so I started again.

I remade the bases out of wood this time round ( I believe its chip board). The brackets were screwed rather than glued, partly to make sure they definately didn't go anywhere and partly just because the thick bases ment I could. I then based these with more sand (there's lots of it) and left it to dry.

Next up I used mod roc to make to build it all up. I actually did the pillars first and then added the central platform. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it at that stage. I've found the mod roc to be fantstic for this. Its easy to use, sets preety quickly and gives a good texture to the surface. You can make it rough or faily smooth depending on what your going for. I've opted to go as smooth as I could get it with my fingers and a brush. In future I'll definately stick to mod roc for this kind of work.

Here it is with some side panels cut out ready to be added and a set of stairs. I didn't glue the side pieces in place. Instead I just applied the mod roc so it cover the bottom on the pillars and got the ends of the two pieces either side of it. I then cut wider pieces that would overlap onto the central platform and go down to the base. doing this helped tie the side pieces into the central pices and coverd up the round edges left from doing the platform. The pieces making up the stairs were glued in place. However I did not glue them to the base of side pieces.

As you can see in the above picture running the mod roc around the base of the pillars helped to create a smooth curve between the pillars and the flat sections. Teh stairs have been added but I don't have a picture with them done at the minute. They were the most awkward pieces to do as it required some narrow mod roc strips to do them.

So far I'm really happy with how the project is going. I still have the second one to finish off which is at the stage to add the central platform, sides and steps. Once this is done I intend to add a few gems to it to give it more of an eldar feel to it. The it will be on to painting which will be the really fun part.

As always thanks for reading and comments are welcome.


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