The Raven Has Landed

Hi all,
been a very long time coming this post but it (for me) is worth it. As following Blackmane's tradition of getting me awesomely amazing stuff for birthdays and Christmas, he can up with the corker for my birthday this year!
 First up is Kayvaan Shrike! Beautiful little model done in Blackmane's usual superb style! There's a very nice piece of free hand on Shrikes shoulder pad, which sadly is obscured by the jump pack, but at close examination it is rather spectacular!

Next up we have a little surprise, Blackmane had been taunting me with clues, saying it was Space Marine orientated, but my brain didn't click that that didn't necessarily mean Ultramarines (I should know by now see Inside the box was these fine fellows!

Vanguard Veterans! I guessed Vanguard at one point, but presumed they'd be blue! haha. Got to admit I love them! Also opens up whole new possibilities for me fielding forces! Well painted as always by Blackmane, they're a dark claw on my attack plans!


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