From Infinity Circuit: WIP Modular Terrain

Hey all, today whilst I was shopping around town, I had a brain wave! In a shop called Poundworld, (where every item is £1) I found these:

The difference being with mine is that it only has 3 tiers, not 4. Anyway, I had a idea and at £1 each, i thought that even if it went wrong at least id have more storage!

Firstly, i took the trays out and set them up like so, this was to mainly test scale against a miniature, the scale is perhaps a little tight, but you can get away with it, there isn't much head room inside the buildings when theyre stood in, never mind adding false walls!

Using 2mm plasticard I covered over all the backs to the building and then using 3mm foam card filled in the floors so there is somewhere for them to stand.

Then I moved on to blocking out the fronts on a few bits, it was just to break up the glass theme which Im going to have, similarly I though that a lot of the lower layers would be concrete rather than glass for builds sake as it the base of the building. Whilst they are quite small dimensions wise, they do look and work rather well for a small shop or office building. The challenge will be detailing them inside!

Same build with a mini for scale.

The real beauty of these is that the main structure can be reassembled any way you like really, I quickly tried a few examples below:

I really think this idea is great and in fact I am about to go and buy more in the rain!

Well thats all for now, if you have anything you'd like to say about these, whether it be good bad or in between, please feel free to say below :)


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