From Infinity Circuit: Modular Terrain WIP 2

Hey all,
Zebulon here again with another update. after building two test buildings yesterday (which you can look at here) I went a bought another 4 sets of drawer containers and as you can see I repeated the same process!

I have however at the minuet burned through my resource of 3mm foamcard for the unit floors, so the main tower will have to wait for a spell. I also made a small bridge to link tow buildings together, as you can see just left of the centre of the picture. Its made from 2mm plasticard and these:
Peco Truss Girder Bridge Sides

They're perfect small scale bridge pieces ans have a built in 2mm groove where the flooring can sit. Now, buying those 6 storge units left me with 18 of these ;

I was a little stumped as what to do with them, I was thinking a lot to do with the buildings rather than these trays. However I think I've found a solution. I've glued and taped them together to create shipping crates, like so;

In any sort of dystopian future you don't tend to see large bits of tape wrapped around stuff, however I though I might be able to get away with it by having on the crates, when they're painted, a sign saying "REJECT If Seal Is Broken" That way I figured I'm making it a feature of the container as opposed to pretending its not there! This on as you can see has had it's seal broken

Inside I'm going to put some suspended animation chambers that I've found online to make a little scene to do with people smuggling, it also make this bit of terrain longer and lower than the rest. They'll be sprayed up at some point, I'm thinking reds/blues/yellows to make them stand out a bit more and then copious amounts of weathering and such.

Well thats me done again, if you have any comments, whether they be good bad or in between please feel free to post them below! Also please check out mine and Bebop's dedicated Infinity Blog over at 


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