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Army of the White Hand: Warg Riders

Hi all,

today I have the first post about the rather amazing gift Blackmane and Brooke got me for Christmas! (A little late I know). First off we have these 6 rather beautiful War Riders from Brooke:

War Riders are akin to Trolls for me in that I have a great weakness for them! In total I think I have about 17 of them and mounted Gothmog and Sharku ( though I have no foot version for Sharku, which is a little annoying as he is only available on site like Ebay and goes for £20 upwards).

I love the variation in the Wargs as usually you see them all the same colour, as well as the variation in the riders, they look all uniform but different also!

My absolute favourite thing about them is the little white hands on the shields, just adds that extra pop to me! 

Well thats all for today, if you have any comments, whether they be good bad or in between, feel free to leave them in the comments below.



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