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Start Collecting Skitarii Review

Hey all, today I'm giving my little review on the new Start Collecting Skitarii box. Firstly for a GW price of  £50 ($85) these are exceptional value, in this box set the Dunewalker is £40, Rangers/Vanguard £23.50 and the Dominus £22. Even at £50, that's a £35.50 saving. If you're like me and bought it from an online store ( Goblin Gaming for me, 20% discount and £3.90 postage, just under 50% off standalone retail price)

First off the packaging itself.

I very rarely buy brand new GW box sets, I've found my needs and budget more met by eBay over the last few years. However I must say the whole packaging presentation wise impressed me immensely, Nice pictures of the contents inside the box fully painted up in Mars colours. unlike previous boxes the pictures were very limited.

There's a nice little blurb on the top back and all the copyrights and small prints have been moved to the lower flap. Speaking of which they have added a nice tab to the flap which seems to lock it in place more. Lots of colour suggestions on what paints to use and a nice clear simple layout of the contents. The only thing that I found very curious is on the whole box is the fact that they advertise the Skitarii Rangers all over the box when on the formation included its the Vanguard that need to be part of it. 

Nice little transfer sheet and the instruction books that have the unit entries on them too, with the exception of the dominus.

Nice little box o' stuff! Very cool package, especially well put together, good thing too if they're trying to entice you intro the hobby.

So far I've built the Dominus and the Dunecrawler, both kits are exceptionally well detailed and really does show the advances in digital sculpting and injection moulding!

Well that's all for today



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